Mekkah! How great you are!

The site of all innocent childhood memories and youth days!

How many times I had looked back at my souvenirs with my beloved father- May Allah bless his soul- while he was working hard and how often I had prayed to God to bless his soul and the souls of my forefathers  for this invaluable heritage.

I shall never forget my father s trust in me when he used to invite me to carry on the journey, the halva making journey. Abou Nar Halva  , a 250- year old journey, 250 years of dedication and giving.

He used to say : “ In the Name of Allah. May Allah s Blessings Be On the Beloved Prophet”

I still recall his voice, recorded in my heart and in my mind, while urging me to learn my forefathers specialty which -as he said- would be the key to my success. He saw in me the signs of good will and integrity. He believed I could carry on the trust and go on through the journey.

It is thanks to him- after Allah of course- that I started to complete his mission.

 I felt the high responsibility that had been thrown upon me.  I felt my destiny was to go on .  I had no other choice. I was doomed to bear that big name. I was selected to continue the journey with my father s last piece of advice:  “Piety is key to success”

 That motto had always been my motto in everything I have been doing, starting from point zero in the making of this halva, going through all the stages, supervising each and every detail- hygiene, recipes, packaging, etc.

My father used to travel through countries, in search for 100% natural ingredients, regardless of their costs, without any additives, artificial additives or colors.

In the name of Allah I started, and on Allah I relied in managing my business. I have developed this business with new recipes, based both on the traditional heritage but with a touch of modernization and updated feelings. Thus, creating Ginger Halva, Cardamom Halva,

Sesame halva, all packaged in modern containers, exhibiting the past and the present.

Bearing in mind my huge responsibility in preserving the traditions, I am intending to pass on the business to my children.

May Allah direct us to the right path!