Cardamom Halva
6 يوليو 2017 - 12 شوال 1438 هـ( 3667 زيارة ) .

Mixing cardamom with halva is a beautiful union between two ingredients, one completing the other. Cardamom has the quality of fighting tooth and gum infections,  along with skin bacteria.

In addition to that, cardamom has other qualities : It

·          eases coughing fits and is a phlegm repellant

·         restores mental states to a complete balance and is an anti depressant.

·          combats inflammation  eases pain and cools upset stomachs

·         Prevents colon cancers

·         contains a strong oils anti oxidant

·         prevents plates sedimentation

·         protects stomach diaphragm / membrane and prevents ulcers.

·         reduces caffeine effects on the heart.

·         combats mouth bacteria and fights mouth  smell/ odors

·         combats mouth cancers

·         combats fainting fit during pregnancy.

Taken from  “ cardamom benefits” from the book: “ Prophetic Medicine “ by Ibn Qayyem Al Jawzia, and the book  “ Curing with Herbs”

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