Halva Special
6 يوليو 2017 - 12 شوال 1438 هـ( 3678 زيارة ) .

It is way different of the other types of halva. Sesame is basic in the making of this halva. The quantity of sesame is twice as much to add that special taste. We one more time confirm that our products are free of preservatives or any reinforcing ingredients or flavors.

Benefits of Sesame:

It contains many metals: Phosphorus, Calcium ,Magnesium, Zink,  Manganese, Potassium, Iron, Brass

Sesame oil:

·         Cholesterol reducer

·         Anti-oxidant

·         Combats some viruses and tumors

·         Ageing retarder

·         Helps reduce glucose levels. Best if eaten with halva oils.

·         Contains sesame proteins

·         Rich in vitamins B,B2,B67,  Folic acids and Niacin

·         Light and lenient on the stomach

·         Eases stomach acidity

·         Activates  blood circulation and strengthens  the heart.

·         Cleans the arteries of sticking cholesterol and prevents arterial  sclerosis

·         Reduces female dryness of ageing women

·         Reduces menstruation pain

·         Combats cancer and high blood pressure

·         Good cure to mouth diseases  and tooth decay

·         Eases bronchial pains and asthmatic fits

Source: Benefits of Sesame, from the book “Prophetic Medicine”  by Ibn Quayye3m Al Jawzia and the book “ Curing with Herbs “

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